Valfix Medical has announced the issuance of US Patent No. 10,463,486 (5 November 2019). According to a press release, this is the second US patent granted for Valfix and was approved only two years and nine months since its priority date. This new patent provides an additional layer of protection for Valfix’s transcatheter repair and replacement technology and is part of the company’s current patent portfolio, which includes US patent No. 10,278,820 issued on 7 May 2019 and additional patents pending.

The press release reports that Valfix Medical is developing the first complete transcatheter solution that combines repair and replacement treatments for heart failure patients with severe mitral regurgitation; the aim is to offer a viable alternative to open-heart surgery. The press release adds that Valfix Medical’s technology is distinguished in its approach to offer both repair and replacement treatment in one procedure; emulating the “best-in-class” surgical technique for severe mitral regurgitation to alleviate heart failure symptoms, improve quality of life, and save lives.

Eli Bar, CEO & founder of Valfix Medical, says: “We continue to protect, improve and advance our technology as planned. The issuance of this second patent continues to validate the uniqueness of our technology and its level of innovation. It is an exciting time for our company as market needs remain large and open for new and innovative solutions to improve quality of life and save lives for heart failure patients suffering from severe mitral regurgitation.”

Valfix Medical continues to develop its patent portfolio with other patents in preparation and pending.