BIBA provide clinicians with a dedicated service of demographics analysis on the current use of both emerging and established medical technologies.

This service is complementary to national registries, and also an alternative source of information in areas where public registries are either incomplete or not fast enough to capture the latest, most important, trends.

BIBA provide information on aspects such as:

a) Volume of operations

b) Proportion of operation types (e.g. isolated vs concomitant full-sternotomy operations)
c) Rate of adoption of a certain technology or device types
d) Changes in clinical practice (e.g. from open repair to endovascular and vice versa)

BIBA covers the following areas:
Vascular and Endovascular; Venous; Embolisation; Interventional cardiology; Renal denervation; Structural heart valve surgery; Transcatheter heart valves; Cardiac rhythm;  Ventricular assist device systems.

The information is updated quarterly.


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