Somatom X.cite

Siemens Healthineers presents its new Somatom X.cite single-source CT scanner, together with the new myExam Companion user guiding system, based on artificial intelligence (AI). According to a press release, the intelligent user guidance system guides the user through the workflow using specific questions. This user interface, and the latest scanner hardware are designed to all work together to open up new possibilities.

myExam Companion aims to make use of available patient data—such as sex, height, and age—and combines these with additional patient-specific information gathered by asking the user specific questions; for example, questions about the presence of metal implants or the ability of patients to hold their breath. The scanner should then optimise the scan parameters accordingly to ensure the best possible result. In combination, these innovations help structure workflow more efficiently, smooth out differences in experience between the MTRAs, and achieve extremely high-quality results even in difficult diagnostic situations. The first CT scanner with myExam Companion is the new Somatom X.cite, featuring the Vectron x-ray tube that has previously only been used in the Somatom Force dual-source CT scanner. In combination with its 82 cm gantry, Somatom X.cite can offer unprecedented image quality in the single-source segment, in addition to maximum patient comfort.

André Hartung, president Diagnostic Imaging at Siemens Healthineers, says: “We are driving the digital transformation of radiology through constant innovation of our devices. At the same time, we offer—for example through remote solutions—more and more ways for our partners to create high-quality diagnostics. Somatom X.cite and myExam Companion are a big step for our imaging portfolio along this plan into the world of intelligent user support and for Siemens Healthineers on our way to becoming a leader in clinical decision support.”