Jet 7

Penumbra has announced the US commercial availability of its Jet 7 reperfusion catheter, which has “Xtra Flex” technology. According to a press release, the catheter is used with the Penumbra Engine in the fully integrated Penumbra system—an aspiration-based mechanical thrombectomy system that enables physicians to extract thrombus in acute ischaemic stroke patients.

The press release reports that the catheter is the “latest advancement” in the Penumbra system Jet Engine family of products, which was launched last September. It is designed for advanced trackability and navigation, and maintains the large 0.072inch lumen.

Initial clinical experience for the catheter was presented, in an industry symposium, at the 2019 Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS) annual meeting (22–25 July, Miami, USA).