GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has launched the Edison Developer Program with the aim of accelerating the adoption and impact of intelligent applications and developer services across health systems. The programme is based on Edison, GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform, and is designed to help healthcare providers gain easier access to market-ready algorithms and applications by directly integrating these technologies into existing workflows.

Edison Developer Program seeks to offer a rich set of healthcare services to help accelerate their ability to build innovations that improve operational and clinical outcomes—and also gives them access to scale and the ability to deploy applications across GE Healthcare’s massive customer base. This programme expands the existing Edison ecosystem of leading researchers, technology providers and academic institutions who develop, manage, secure and distribute advanced applications, services and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to drive real healthcare outcomes.

GE Healthcare has also unveiled several new, Edison-powered technologies, including smart devices and intelligent applications, across a variety of clinical areas. These new solutions are designed to make data, insights and clinical context more accessible and actionable across the health system, creating new value for providers and patients—from reducing costs and complexity to increasing the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

Kieran Murphy, president and CEO, GE Healthcare, comments: “We introduced Edison just one year ago at Radiological Society of North America [the 2018 annual meeting] to help health providers take advantage of data in new and significant ways. With the introduction of the Edison Developer Program, and a suite of new intelligent applications and smart devices powered by Edison, we are building on that promise as we continue to work with partners to realise our collective goal of advancing the future of health.”