Fist Assist Devices has received the CE mark and has begun marketing the Fist Assist device for vein enhancement and enlargement in the European Union and other countries that recognise the CE mark. According to the press release, Fist Assist is the only wearable, patent-protected, intermittent compression device to increase vein diameter prior to fistula placement and to assist in fistula vein dilation for haemodialysis for end-stage renal disease patients.

Tej Sing, CEO and founder of Fist Assist Devices, says: “We are thrilled to have received CE mark approval for Fist Assist. It is a huge milestone as we can now expand our commercialisation efforts beyond India and into the European market. This is a very exciting time for Fist Assist, patients and the European end stage renal disease community. Our goal at Fist Assist is improve outcomes, lower costs, and improve the patients journey through end-stage renal disease by focusing on vein dilation and enhancement.”

Nick Inston (University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham, UK) comments: “Fist Assist provides a patient focused evidence based approach to surgical vein enhancement for all types of arteriovenous fistulas and can be used to enhance veins before fistula creation as well as after surgery to improve maturation. Access surgery and subsequent maturation is a major challenge and adjuncts to improve outcomes are desperately needed. Fist Assist is a creative solution which for the first time allows patients to be involved and directly influence their clinical outcomes with a comfortable and easy to use device.”