SuperMap (Acutus Medical)

Acutus Medical has announced FDA clearance of SuperMap, which a press release calls a revolutionary addition to the company’s AcQMap 3D imaging and mapping system. It adds that SuperMap is a high-fidelity, high-resolution mapping algorithm for both stable and transient arrhythmias. Furthermore, SuperMap’s user interface effortlessly guides electrophysiologists to quickly create exquisitely detailed whole-chamber maps of the left or right atrium using its unique non-contact roving “hover-map” approach.

According to the press release, the SuperMap allows electrophysiologists to diagnose and treat arrhythmia patients rapidly, consistently and potentially more effectively.  Adding the SuperMap mode to the AcQMap system enables users to visualise any atrial rhythm in under three minutes. Rapidly mapping and re-mapping the whole heart chamber facilitates a new procedural workflow in electrophysiology ablation—by making it practical to execute an iterative “map, ablate, re-map” approach to diagnosis and therapy. With this addition, Acutus Medical delivers the only electrophysiology imaging and mapping system to offer three mapping modalities: contact mapping, non-contact mapping and non-contact hover mapping (i.e. SuperMap).

Tom Wong (Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK) says: “In less than three minutes, the AcQMap system can map the entire chamber to clearly identify re-entrant circuits, regions of slow conduction and focal origins. The Automatic Beat Grouping algorithm of SuperMap is helpful to map alternating or changing atrial tachycardias by categorizing and displaying multiple tachycardias occurring at the same time.”

Vince Burgess, president & CEO of Acutus Medical comments: “We have invested heavily in developing a unique, multifunctional mapping system that provides physicians with the visual information needed to effectively diagnose and treat patients. With three distinct and unique mapping modalities in one system, physicians can feel confident in tackling any atrial arrhythmia accurately and efficiently. We are committed to improving patient outcomes, expediting procedures times and further developing our full suite of products for the global electrophysiology community.”

The AcQMap System with SuperMap was CE marked in October of 2019.