Paige has received the CE mark for Paige Prostate, which a press release reports is a first-in-class prostate cancer detection solution. Along with Paige Insight, an artificial intelligence (AI) native digital pathology viewer, Paige Prostate is designed for primary diagnosis. The press release states that these solutions are vendor neutral and allow for seamless collaboration across teams and sites. With the CE mark, they will be available to European pathology practices.

The newly CE-marked Paige Prostate solution is designed to detect cancerous areas and enables pathologists to find these cancerous areas quickly, prospectively improving diagnostic quality and pathologist efficiency in the review of these cases. Additionally, the software can be used for real-time quality review of cases to identify diagnostic discrepancies and thus boost overall quality for a practice.

In a usability study leveraging Paige Prostate and the Insight viewer, according to the press release, Paige found that the technology proved most impactful in the detection of small, well-differentiated foci of cancer, many of which were missed by multiple pathologists. These lesions are difficult to detect and often require further studies at additional expense, such as immunohistochemistry or second opinions.

Leo Grady, CEO of Paige, says: “The CE mark is an important milestone for Paige. Pathology practices around the world have begun to embrace digital pathology and can begin to realise the potential of the technology with real-time quality assurance, gains in productivity, and improved collaboration across sites. We believe in empowering pathologists with additional insights from these rich pathology images, so they can make more effective, confident diagnoses.”