AliveCor and Huami have come together to create a multi-faceted global strategic alliance, according to a press release, that combines the technologies of each company to deliver a new generation of medical functionality to wearable devices.

The press release reports that the agreement encompasses the licensing of AliveCor technology and an agreement to work together to bring new devices and services to market. It adds that the companies expect that the alliance will deliver entirely new ECG form factors to global markets in 2020.

AliveCor’s FDA-cleared KardiaMobile is designed to provide instant detection of atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, and normal rhythm in an ECG. It is the first artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform to aid patients and clinicians in the early detection of atrial fibrillation. Additionally, AliveCor’s KardiaPro enterprise platform aims to allow practitioners and institutions to manage chronic heart conditions simply and profitably using KardiaMobile.

Huami is a biometric and activity data-driven company with expertise in smart wearable technology. The press release states that the company has one of the largest biometric and activity databases in the global smart wearables industry. Huami’s mobile apps are designed to work hand in hand with its smart wearable devices and provide users with a comprehensive view and analysis of their biometric and activity data.

AliveCor CEO Priya Abani comments: “AliveCor’s agreement with Huami achieves our corporate goal of delivering AliveCor’s AI driven subscription services and solutions to enterprise customers and consumers worldwide at affordable price points. AliveCor technology allows partners to easily deliver clinically validated, peer-reviewed medical features to their own customers, at scale.”