Admedus has announced the complete transfer of its sterilisation method as part of its Adapt tissue treatment process to 4C Medical. As per the Admedus supply agreement with 4C Medical, 4C Medical will pay an additional $US1 Million ($US 0.44M previously received) to use the technology to sterilise the Adapt tissue incorporated in its transcatheter mitral valve replacement AltaValve system device.

According to a press release, the 4C Medical implant utilises tissue processed by Admedus’ clinically Adapt tissue engineering process for the functioning leaflet component of its valve. The press release reports that valve will benefit from this technology to optimise function and durability.

It adds that 4C Medical design is the first mitral regurgitation therapy that preserves the native mitral valve and left ventricle. It is a stent-like structure shaped in the form of a ball and is designed to be delivered in a collapsed position and, once deployed, to spring back into the ball shape. In the middle of the ball is a short small “chimney” where the artificial heart valve (containing the Admedus-supplied tissue) is placed. This artificial valve is placed above the native valve that is still working to some degree, preventing mitral regurgitation. The press states that this design eliminates the known problems of current TMVR technologies.

Admedus CEO Wayne Paterson comments: “For the millions of patients suffering from mitral regurgitation, Admedus is proud to provide the transformative healing advantages of Adapt-treated tissue with demonstrated clinically superior performance over 10 years.”