Novel device “safely obliterates” left atrial appendage with minimal amount left behind

Leonid Sternik Append Medical, with their novel left atrial appendage (LAA) closure device (Appligator), were a finalist in the 2019 ICI Innovation Award Competition (Innovation in Cardiovascular Interventions 2019; 8–10 December, Tel Aviv, Israel). In this commentary, Leonid Sternik who came up with the concept for the device, outlines the need for [...]

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Proof-of-concept data for safety of Appligator left atrial appendage closure system

Appligator Append Medical has announced the clinical proof-of-concept data evaluating the safety of left atrial appendage (LAA) closure through Append’s patented tissue manipulation procedure. A press release says that the procedure serves as a feasibility study for Append’s Appligator minimally invasive LAA closure device, which uses natural tissue manipulation to achieve complete [...]

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First patient enrolled in study evaluating use of FEops HEARTguide in planning LAA closure procedures

FEops has announced that the first patient has been enrolled in the physician-initiated PREDICT-LAA trial. The trial, which is led by Righshospitalet (Copenhagen, Denmark), aims to assess whether the use of FEops HEARTguide computer simulations (based on cardiac CT imaging) can contribute to better preprocedural planning and improved procedural outcomes of percutaneous left atrial appendage [...]

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