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How do I earn my points?

You can earn credits by participating in BIBA’s surveys, tweeting, opinion polls, and focus groups.
As a member you will be offered these opportunities before anyone else.

Once you have completed your task, a pre-set amount of points will be added to your account automatically. No action will be required from your end.

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points once you have reached the following milestones:

  • 200 points (worth £15 / €18 / $20)
  • 500 points (worth £50 / €55 / $65)
  • 1,000 points (worth £100 / €110 / $125)
  • 2,500 points (worth £275 / €300 / $320)
  • 5,000 points (worth £600 / €660 / $700)

Once you have earned enough credits for a reward, you will automatically be sent an email to redeem your credits from one of the above online shops.

The more credits you earn, the more rewards you will receive. Go to HOME to check your updated balance.

To either begin or to continue earning your credits, please look out for the next survey, opinion poll, or focus group opportunity. You will be receiving alert messages from on a regular basis. To take part, simply click on the survey link when prompted.

How do I know how many reward points my survey is worth?

Different surveys are worth different number of points depending on their category, length, topic, eligibility criteria, and so on.

Purely as a guidance, a research focus group session can be worth up to 2,500 points. An online survey can earn you between 15 and 100 points based on its average completion time. A “Usage & Attitude” study can be worth 500 points or more. An Opinion poll can earn you between 5 and 15 points.

Please note: our hourly baseline tariff is $100 an hour. A computer-generated report will assign the exact number of points to each survey based on its average completion time, and category. The number of points will be clearly stated both in the body of the survey, as well as in your invitation email.

Answers may be subject to quality check prior to the reward points being awarded.